terça-feira, abril 17, 2012

Frontiers of Deep Space

As this is the very first time I post something in English, I found this topic quite interesting to start with. In this NASA Astrophysics video, we can see the result of a two years search for a hypothetical particle that could be the dark matter. 

We also have the opportuity to improve our understanding of the universe by the discovery that the universe is not just expanding, but is accelerating outward at an ever increasing pace. This is a nice way to re-think our understanding of how it all began and why we are here.

You can look for more information in the website: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/frontiers-deep-space/

And I am sure you have already heard of the Brazilian physicist and astronomer, Marcelo Gleiser. If you prefer reading, he has a lof of interesting and easy-to-read books about nature and the universe, such as A Criação Imperfeita

 I really love reading about it and if you want to know more, send me and e-mail: www.verdeverso@gmail.com

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